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Vine allows you to create a map of your IP network. With its innovative visualization algorithm you won't get lost in the packet jungle anymore. Not only is it able to draw beautiful network maps, but it discovers the network surrounding you automatically.

Ok, enough of that marketing stuff, here's a clear feature list. Beware: as Vine is still in early development this list should more be seen as a roadmap than a feature list.

  • Draws IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
  • Autodiscovery of Services announced via DNS-SD thanks to Avahi
  • Autodiscovery via XML import of nmap scans
  • Query SNMP data from your Nodes
  • Graphs are stored in an easy human read- and writable XML format
  • Graphs can be exported as SVG or PNG
  • runs on Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Windows


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